Tax Advises

Tax advice is a very useful service for all business representatives. Tax laws are considered to be one of the most complex and confusing. From time to time between the firm and the Tax Department there may be disputable issues concerning not only taxes, but also accounting.

Satelles Saturni OÜ offers to its clients a wide range of comprehensive tax consulting services.

We will help our clients with identifying and resolving tax issues that arise in the course of running or planning a business. In tax risk audits, we help the firms that have ordered tax advice from us with preparing for potential tax audits and tax audits by the Tax Department. Tax risk check is an opportunity to save tax costs.

We support and represent our clients in disputes with the Tax Department concerning the preparation of the required documents. In case of an unresolved dispute during the check, we assist in the preparation of the application and represent the interests of the client in court.

We help with making tax administration and control easier and more understandable.