Business Consulting

Business consulting is management consulting on a wide range of issues in the field of financial, legal, technological, technical, expert activities, provided by external advisers, for solving a particular problem.


  • Organization of management accounting
  • Organization, collection, summarization and delivery of objective information on the activities of the organization will allow the top management of the company to make management decisions quickly.
  • Expertise review and preparation of business plans
  • Business planning will help you with getting an organized approach to the implementation of your idea and related preparatory work, assess and clearly define following aspects: goals and objectives, competitive environment and market analysis, marketing, financial investments and payback period.
  • Implementation of budgeting
  • The budgeting process will allow you to systematize company management, determine goals and ways to achieve them, identify additional resources for the development of the entity.
  • Financial modeling
  • The financial model will allow you to visualize the economics of each business project. We apply a cash flow model, loan facility, leasing, changes in the value of securities and other assets of a financial value.
  • Investment projects assessment
  • With investment project assessment we will determine the profitability of your investment in the project, the payback period and possible risks. We will determine the real need for investment and the availability of the necessary conditions to that end.
  • Management accounting
  • We will clearly show which business processes require optimization, identify profit and cost centers, identify growth points and areas of low efficiency that should be eliminated first.


The services of consulting agencies will be useful primarily for companies that have specific problems - production, management, financial and legal. But even a very profitable business can be improved and modernized with the help of consulting.