We offer service packages to different types of customers:

  • Accounting services for corporate customers
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Accounting services for sole proprietors
  • Training Courses

Welcome to the web-page of Satelles Saturni! We are a team of experienced professionals providing services in accounting, financial consultation and business administration. We are open to new partnerships and happily offer our services to potential customers. Please research the information at the site to learn more about cooperation opportunities.

Member of the Accounting Club Kardis since 2011.


Our mission
Satelles Saturni OÜ was incorporated in 2011 with the major area of operation of quality accounting services and financial consultation to start-ups and SMEs. Satelles Saturni OÜ is a member of the Association of Estonian Accountants (Eesti Raamatupidajate Kogu). Satelles Saturni OÜ and Albiorix OÜ are working collaboratively.

Since September 06, 2020 Satelles Saturni OÜ is entitled to run accounting courses. This type of our activity has been accepted by the Ministry of Education (Activity report No. 217824).

Our team is like are always there to help and support our partners!

Yours sincerely,
Satelles Saturni.

Aleksandra Hlebnikova
Director, head accountant